Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Genre: Comedy
High school senior Suzuki is the slowest at swimming but he enjoys it. He discovers women's synchronized swimming and wants to try it out. Not long after, a new beautiful swimming teacher joins his school, attracting many other males to the swim team. Unfortunately, the population of over 20 shrunk to 5, Suzuki and his friends (one enjoys dancing, one is a nerd, one is gay, and one has an afro), when they discovered that the new teacher teaches synchronized swimming. The five of them were dumbfounded with synchronized swimming and failed miserably. What's even worse is that the teacher had to leave right away because she was pregnant.
Involves a super strong and cute girlfriend, crazy DDR moves, nosebleeds, a panty-sighting, burning the afro, a love confession from the gay friend, and impressively choreographed synchronized swimming performances.
Watch five high school boys make fools of themselves as they try to learn synchronized swimming... in Speedos!!!

FUNNY!!!...This was a great, out of the box movie that yall should watch!!....>_<

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