Sunday, May 25, 2008

Koizora/ Sky of Love


Genre: Drama, Romance

Based on a popular true story cell phone novel in Japan, Koizora has taken over the box office.

Mika (Aragaki Yui) and Hiro (Muira Haruma) fell in love in highschool. During those three years, this couple would have to endure a lot of hardships during their young relationship. But something happens that would hurt both parties and move its viewers to tears.

I've heard a lot of comments on Koizora, so I got intruiged. There were no english subs when I tried to look for it, so I waited. And tadaaa, english subs are now available! I watched it immediately. Although the story is predictable in a way, this was a true story! Can you believe that? There were parts of the story that seems unreal to me (spoiler alert!) like the library scene (end of spoiler!). Anyways, this was a very good story and I could just feel the love between Mika and Hiro. A total love story... have some tissues handy ok!...>_<... Loooove it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Absolute Boyfriend (Drama)


Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

Izawa Riiko (Aibu Saki) has failed in love. She meets a man in a bar and gives her his card. He is a salesman and is offering Riiko the ultimate lover trial. She enters everything she wants in a man, as in everything. She receives a male robot, which she names Night (Hayami Mokomichi), programmed to what she wanted. At work, Asamoto Soushi (Mizushima Hiro), a young executive at where she works, begins to see Riiko differently, not as a co-worker working under him.

Weee!! I've read and loved the manga and now a live action series!... It's starting to grow on me... so let's wait and see...>_<

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last Friends (Drama)


Genre: Drama, Friendship

Last Friends tackles issues that afflict the current generation. Aida Michiru's (Nagasawa Masami) mother has brought a man back to their home and she is bullied at her workplace where she works as a beauty parlour assistant. She starts cohabiting with her boyfriend,Oikawa Sosuke (Nishikido Ryo), a good young man who works at the Child Welfare Division and the only person who can give her emotional support, but ends up the victim of domestic violence and becomes fearful of love. The boyishly charming Kishimoto Ruka (Ueno Juri) was a classmate of Michiru's in junior high school. She has performed brilliantly as a motocross racer and aims to win the national championship, but as the story progresses, a deep worry that she can neither confide in her parents or close friends grows evident. Mizushima Takeru (Eita) is a hair and makeup artist acquainted with Ruka. He is a good confidant to females due to his kindness and perceptiveness, and finds himself attracted to Ruka but has a phobia of sex as a result of a past trauma. The three of them become house mates and through their associations with others, gain the capacity to be positive about life. by jade_frost

This song is catchy! I like it!...>_<

My Progress: I got attracted to this one because of the amount of talent from the actors and actresses that are in here. Come on! Can't you see who is in here?! Ueno Juri and Eita from Nodame Cantabile, Nishikido Ryo from 1 Litre of Tears, and Nagasawa Masami from Crying out Love, in the Center of the World. I am yet to finish this one. but it looks very promising!