Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Unstoppable Marriage


Genre: Comedy, Family

Hwang Ki-baek (Ha Seok Jin) is a plastic surgeon, from quite a loaded but somewhat loony and father-less family and leads the comfortable life of a well-off playboy. Eun-ho (Eugene) is a down-to-earth girl (except during her paragliding classes), born in a middle-class, and mother-less household, who runs a workshop where she teaches traditional Korean paper doll making.The two have a fortuitous encounter when Dr. Hwang’s date tricks him into paragliding with Eun-Ho, who happens to be the instructor on that fateful day. Thus, they embark on a stormy relationship… As the bickering escalates, they end up falling for each other. But then, they are faced with a challenge: getting their parents’ seal of approval to tie the knot.Determined to break up the happy couple by any means necessary, the two parents join forces for a sabotage mission in a sneaky attempt to subvert the course of true love.

Oh dear. I love the parents! Especially the mom...wahaha...all the only english words she can say are sooooo funny! Wahahaha..... A must watch!

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