Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Goong/ Princess Hours (Drama)


Genre: Comedy, Romance

Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. In the imaginary world, modern-day Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with the sudden death of the reigning the King. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon), is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of the Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession. The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae-kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school. Chae-kyung was betrothed to become the next Crown Princess by her grandfather and Shin's grandfather.
After 14 years of living in England with his mom, Lee Yul (Kim Jeong Hoon) appears all of a sudden. He is Shin's cousin as well as the former Crown Prince. Everything seemed to be going normally until Chae-kyung's optimistic spirit wins the heart of internally lonely, Yul. As the Crown Prince Shin and simple-minded Chae-kyung's relationship appear to developing deeper feelings, a series of scandals are exposed to the public right after the pair were officially announced married. Will love prevail all in a world of political pressures and martial hardships? Or will being in the spotlight of the public be too much for the young newlyweds to endure?

This is the one that started it all!!!! After watching this, I was hooked on dramas...yes... it was great!...Nyahaha....


Anonymous said...

Ate! I agree with you.. you know what my mom also just get addicted with that Drama!! :) HAHA!!

I love your blog!!! because it has lot of dramas that you can choose!!
I suggest watch the "Paradise Kiss" movie. that movie was good. and the "City Hunter"


sHeLbY24 said...


Glad your mom is also getting into Goong! And thanks for dropping by my blog! I will attempt to update it as soon as I'm free!

Ingat and have a nice day!

ayumi-chan said...

HAHA!! yes! and I watch it just this week, and my mom also watch with me even if she already watch it. HAHA!!

Ate, how can I control myself from watching Asian movies? because I think im turning addict now. :) btw, you have FB?

Ingat din po :) and to your studies :)

sHeLbY24 said...

I love how watching dramas is becoming a family affair. How to control yourself? It's not much control but sorting out priorities first. Always and foremost is your family. Then studies. Then Asian movies/dramas. Hahahaha. You just have to know which one you focus on first because if you don't you're gonna get backed up and you'll behind at everything.

Watching should be a fun experience and not a burden. Try a "Drama Night". My friends and I do it when we're all free (as in free. no homeworks, no work, nothing). We go to someone's house and watch dramas together. It's also a pot luck thing so you won't have to be worried about feeding everyone. Also pick a movie/drama genre that everyone agrees on but if you're not too sure, grab movies from each genre and let your guest choose.

Yes, I do have FB.

Ingat rin and keep coming back!!