Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Spring Waltz (Drama)


Genre: Romance, Drama

Will the tragedy of spring be repeated years later?

To escape debt, Lee Su-ho’s father escaped to a remote island where his friend has a young daughter Eun-Young, who is the same age as Su-ho. After being abandoned by his father, Su-ho sought to leave, but his mind changed after being touched by Eun-Young’s pure heart. A series of unfortunate events ensue, and Su-ho disappears, while Eun-Young (Han Hyo Joo) is sick in the hospital. Years later, while traveling in Germany, Eun-Young meets the talented pianist Chae-ha (Seo Do Young), a man with a cold exterior with a few words, who bores a resemblance to Su-ho. As their love start to develop, truth unfolds… Can their love endure the harsh spring tragedy many years ago?

Another piano drama?? Not really... it was very interesting till the end. You can actually feel the love that the two actors have given. There was an obvious chemistry between the two, and the cute Daniel Henney butts in...woot...hehehe...

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