Saturday, July 31, 2010

Closer to Heaven


Genre: Drama, Romance

Ji-soo (Ha Ji Won), a funeral director, happens to oversee the funeral services of Jong-woo’s (Kim Myung Min) deceased mother. Being old friends, they are excited by the unexpected reunion, but the reality is more bitter than sweet. Jong-woo is suffering from the incurable Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Ji-soo has been through two painful divorces. Jong-woo lightheartedly asks Ji-soo to just marry him. Ji-soo is surprised by the offer, but it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to her. She wants to start a new life with the love that is starting to grow inside her, while the fear of losing Jong-woo scares her as well. As Jong-woo’s symptoms begin to worsen with each passing day, Jong-woo gets easily irritable as he begins to lose control over more and more parts of his body. Even though he hurts Ji-soo’s feelings, all she wants is to stay with him and cure his disease.

I watched this the day before a final and could not sleep! I couldn't breathe because I was crying! Such a wonderful movie with great actors. You might recognize the main guy as Kang Ma-e in Beethoven Virus. For him to seriously prepare for this role, as you would see in the movie, he really is one of the most respected actors for me. Great movie but I suggest having tissues handy and not to watch this in the middle of the night! Oh! And if you know your current Korean idols, you might recognize a cameo of a certain saucy hip swayer!