Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Summer Time Machine Blues


Genre: Comedy

Summer Time Machine Blues is based around a group of friends in a science-fiction club who spend their days fooling around at the club house. The boys decide to play a game of baseball as their friend Yui Ito (Maki Yoko) takes pictures of them nearby. After the game, the boys return to the clubhouse and head off to the bathhouse leaving the girls, Yui and Haruka to develop their pictures. While they bathe, Niimi (Yoza Yoshiaki) gets angry because he thinks someone stole his Vidal Sassoon shampoo. On their way back, Takuma (Eita) decides to sneak off to buy tickets at the theater for a sci-fi B movie. He hopes that he can ask Haruka (Ueno Juri) out. But when he returns to the clubhouse, his friends act very strangely as to where he has been. They make him explain what happened, but through a series of chain events, Daigo (Muro Tsuyoshi) accidentally spills Coke all over the air-conditioner remote control after being hit in the face. Everyone rushes to try to clean the remote off, but it's too late. The remote is broken and they cannot turn on the air-conditioner. This immediately becomes a problem as the day becomes hotter.
A couple of the boys try to fix the remote and try to find replacement fan while they wait. In their search for a new fan, the boys discover a strange machine. They fool around discovering that it is a time machine as they travel into the past. Around the same time, a strange traveler appears and greets himself. He dresses strangely and states that he is from another year, but no one believes him. Meanwhile, the scientist the boys gave the remote control to broke it completely. The boys have no choice but to go into the past to steal the remote control before it was broken and bring it back to the present. But as soon as they step back one day, they run into problems beyond their control.

It was confusing at first, but it gets good. The switching of times was a little numbing, but when you can tell that they were in the past or present, you'll get it. It was funny too. Eita and Ueno Juri is in it too!...ALL FOR A REMOTE?...wahehhehe

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