Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Silence (Drama)


Genre: Romance, Drama

Due to an accident at the age of 12, Wei Yi (Vic Zhou) was sent to an old hospital in a remote village. During his stay in the hospital, Wei Yi accidentally discovers an underground air raid shelter, and through a secret passageway within the air raid shelter, meets a younger, mute Korean girl by the name of Zhao Shen Shen (Park Eun Hye). A strong affectionate bond develops as a result of this meeting. However, a succession of mistakes and misunderstandings soon follow, causing Wei Yi and Shen Shen to lose contact with each other for 13 long years...

This was a good collaboration between three countries: Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. There were also a lot of "Oh, come on!" moments for me...hehehe...but I liked it!...>_<...Please have some tissues handy too! Oh, even though this was a bit long, it's still pretty good.

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