Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nodame Cantabile in Europe/ SP


Genre: Music, Comedy

The troop has graduated from Momogaoka Music School! Now, Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Nodame (Ueno Juri) venture out to Paris, the site of new beginnings. Chiaki joins the Platini International Conducting Competition, while Nodame runs around with her French friend Frank (Wentz Eiji). In the competition, Chiaki meets Jean, one of the best young conductors around, which proves to be a competition for Chiaki. But, what about Nodame and her feelings for Chiaki? What's going to happen?

Weeee!!.... I have seen it!...Yes! With subs! Thank You to and Siantut!!.... If you guys would like to see it, please go to and explore there. The raw file is by torrents but im sure there are uploaders who posted it up on MU or SS...not sure though, but heck, the wait is worth it!!!

Oh wow!!... Wentz Eiji (from the duo WaT) is in here!!...He looks soooooo cute! He's like Shirota Yuu!...nyahaha.... The one who played Jean is a hottie too!...nyahaha...

Please click here for the Nodame Cantabile Drama preview!!


Makino said...

Two episodes is not enough!!! Yay Nodame, Chiaki finally takes notice of her. O and I finally figured out were I've seen Franz . He was in Gokusen. teehee Gyabooooo!


sHeLbY24 said...

I know!!.. They haven't played together yet!!... ugh... they should make a special special... wahahaha...

Franz or Franck? He is?? Well, he's pretty popular in Japan... heehee... cute!!..>_<