Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!! ^_^

Hello!!! New Year!!! Yay!!

So, I have been on vacation that requires me to pay for wi-fi, and with my poor college wallet, I chose not to buy access. (hehehehe). So now, for a few days, I'm going to be out. Hope you guys can wait for more updates! I'll be back when I can!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy what I have posted already!


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Anonymous said...

omg, i love korean dramas, and i have noticed some korean dramas u havent posted. maybe u just didnt post em or u just didnt watch em, but i have some to recommend if that is okay!

1. Goong ( or Princess Hours) i love this kdrama! it is about a girl name Shin Chaekyung (Yoon Eun Hye) who is a poor commoner. In this time, it is the modern day, but Korea still has a monarchy. So, there is a cold Crown Prince of Korea, Lee Shin ( Joo Ji Hoon) they hate each other, but a twist, they get married! but now, a love rivals come up! Shin's cousin Yool, and Shin's friend tat is a girl, Hyo Rin!!! dum dum dum!@!!!

2. Iljimae!! played by Lee Jun Ki, Yong/Gyum/Iljimae!! by day, he is Yong, the gangster, but by night, he is Iljimae, the famous thief!!! and inside his heart, he is Gyum, a killed nobleman's son. he fell in love with another nobleman's daughter, Eun Chae, ( played by Han Hyo Joo) but it is dangerous, becuz an imperial guard loves her too!

there is more, if you want to know. just email me! at the email: christinatwin1031@yahoo.com