Saturday, July 26, 2008

We Got Married


Genre: Comedy, Variety Show

Eight famous actors, actress and singers are brought together to be "married". The show follows every moment that the couples spend during their filming days. Each show has a "mission" and it's the couples' turn to do what they, or their partner, would want to do.

This show is very very very very very interesting! I loooove this show! At first, I thought it was boring and very scripted, but as I kept on watching, I soon dropped my previous feeling. Even though they are given 'missions' by the show, they themselves think of what to say and what to do. It's just so cute how they react to each other like real couples out there. If you need something that would be a funny relief from your stressful day, then try this funny show. You might be wondering why in the beginning, there's a couple that is the in the piccy, well, they "divorced", so the show added new couples, but it got too crowded and cramming a lot of the couples' air time, so they had to drop another couple. Yeaaah... but it's still very good! A!

Edit: Andy-oppa!!! Don't leave!!

Edit 2: Waaa!!! AnBi!!! and now, AlShin!! My two favorite couples!! Noooo!! It's not going to be the same again!!!

Edit 3: Now HwanYobi!!! Argh! It's seriously losing its magic, but it's still entertaining with Kang In and Yoon Ji...

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