Sunday, May 25, 2008

Koizora/ Sky of Love


Genre: Drama, Romance

Based on a popular true story cell phone novel in Japan, Koizora has taken over the box office.

Mika (Aragaki Yui) and Hiro (Muira Haruma) fell in love in highschool. During those three years, this couple would have to endure a lot of hardships during their young relationship. But something happens that would hurt both parties and move its viewers to tears.

I've heard a lot of comments on Koizora, so I got intruiged. There were no english subs when I tried to look for it, so I waited. And tadaaa, english subs are now available! I watched it immediately. Although the story is predictable in a way, this was a true story! Can you believe that? There were parts of the story that seems unreal to me (spoiler alert!) like the library scene (end of spoiler!). Anyways, this was a very good story and I could just feel the love between Mika and Hiro. A total love story... have some tissues handy ok!...>_<... Loooove it!


Elaine said...

I watched the movie twice already in
It was a simple yet very touching movie. I admire the performance of Haruma Miura and Yui Aragaki here.

I highly recommend this movie.

sHeLbY24 said...

The one in Crunchyroll with subs has already been licensed. I'm not sure about the raw one though. The last time I checked, Veoh has it. You have to download VeohTV first, so you can watch it streaming, or donwload it to your computer. Sorry, no streaming in Veoh for videos above 30 minutes, so you have to DL it through their VeohTV...>_<

Nice movie though...>_<

elaine said...

you can still watch it on crunchyroll. use koizora as the search word under "media" category. you will see the licensed video as well as the ones with "RAW" on the video name. watch the ones with the RAW, it has soft subs. just right click on the video and choose english subs. ;-)

sHeLbY24 said...

but the subs in CR aren't that good... I tried it when I was getting desperate to watch it...heheh...

ayumi-chan said...

I just want to share that, I really cant move-on from this movie!! I get in love, I cried, and break my heart too.. HAHA!! I just really really love this movie!! ♥♥