Friday, February 8, 2008

Love Letter/ When I Close My Eyes


Genre: Drama, Romance

Watanabe Hiroko (Nakayama Miho) could not forget his fiance Fujii Itsuki who died in a mountain climbing accident two years ago. After celebrating his death, her supposed mother-in-law showed her his junior high yearbook. Curious about his past, she finds his address and writes it down. The mother told her that the house was taken down to make way for a highway. Unable to let go of her feelings, she sends a letter to the address, hoping to find some closure. To her suprise, Fujii Itsuki answers back. The writing then begins.

Wow!! Totally now what you would expect! If you think your gonna watch a sappy love story, think again. Even though on the outside, it's not as romantic as it may seem, the message underneath speaks loud and clear. Hopefully, you guys can hear it. Beautifully made for its time. And the actress really can act! Woosh!... Go and watch it!!

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